N.R. Monterey

As a single working mother of two VERY active boys, I put my own self-care and focus on healthy eating on the back burner. Each day was a series of too many cups of coffee, a chocolate boost in the afternoon and often times finishing my kid’s dinner. At the same time, I wasn’t drinking enough water or exercising in a meaningful way. The candle was on fire at both ends and my immune system was suffering as well. I was inspired by two friends who both had great results at Optimal Health and decided I was going to put my health and well-being at the forefront. I did the 21-Day Cleanse and followed it to the note – I didn’t allow myself any of the “sort-of cheating” foods, I drank a ton of water and I discovered cooking again. My kids were fascinated by the shakes and often times would help me make them as green as possible!

After the cleanse, I stayed on the program and joined a gym. I had such a renewed sense of energy that working out after dropping my kids off at school just made sense. I only started in February, and six weeks later I have lost over ten pounds and completely changed the way I eat. A simple dinner of steamed kale, broiled Mahi Mahi and a tiny bit of quinoa is a satisfying finish to a day. I didn’t seem possible to make this many changes at once, but as soon as I started feeling better, I felt my willpower increase exponentially.